General Plumbing FAQs


Can old faucets be repaired?

  • It depends on the faucet. Usually, we can fix any faucet. However, sometimes it is more efficient to replace an old faucet with a new one.

Which type of sink should I get for my kitchen?

  • There are different types of kitchen sink styles available in various materials. The style that suits you – like say, farmhouse or square – is mostly up to your taste. There are many different choices in materials and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common ones are stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain, and enameled steel. However you could also choose from various styles of corian, acrylic, fiberglass americast, or copper.

I am losing water pressure in my shower, what is causing this?

  • Your shower head could be plugged with water deposits such as rust and dirt from your pipes. You could try to remove the shower head from the pipe coming out of the wall and check it for deposits. Clean the shower head gently with an old toothbrush and rinse it to remove all the dirt. Also run the shower without the shower head on to possibly remove any left over dirt in the pipes to prevent the shower head from plugging up again. If cleaning your shower head didn’t take care of your low water pressure, give us a call at (919) 230-2138.

What is an ‘overflow’?

  • It is a “Water Break” for bathtubs. Technically, it will prevent a bathtub from overflowing with water and flooding your whole bathroom or house. Once the water reaches a certain level in the bathtub, it starts to drain through the overflow. So if you would ever walk away from your filling bathtub and forget about it, your overflow would prevent you from a flood, but not from a high water bill!

What is an ‘air gap’ and do I need one?

  • An “Air gap” is like a little two-inch metal cap that sits at the top of your sink. This is supposed to prevent dirty water from backwashing back into your dishwasher. However, newer dishwashers and sinks with garbage disposals make it possible to eliminate this extra little metal cap. Consult your plumber and see, if you can run your dishwasher safely without having an “Air gap”.

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