Garbage Disposal FAQs

My garbage disposal broke down, what should I do?

  • Don’t hurry out to buy a new garbage disposal – breaking down could be due to various reasons and the disposal may not need to be replaced right away. Something might have just blocked the blades from moving. First, make sure the disposal is not jammed with a hard object (spoons, etc). Please make sure the garbage disposal is TURNED OFF or even disconnected from the power. If you don’t find anything that could have jammed the disposal, try to reset it with the reset button (usually located underneath the garbage disposal) or check your breaker switch in your breaker box. If all fails call us at (919) 266-0377 for service.

What size or model of garbage disposal should I get?

  • Looking for the right garbage disposal might be a little baffling: there are so many sizes, models and vendors. However, the main difference in garbage disposals is the power output. Garbage disposals usually come in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 horse power models. Our recommendations are: ½ horse power models for light kitchen use, ¾ horse power for a normal household use, and 1 horse power model for heavy home use or small commercial use.

What should I NOT put down my garbage disposal?

  • Fibrous foods, such as celery, asparagus, or artichokes, are bad for your garbage disposal.

My garbage disposal stinks, what should I do?

  • There are two ways of cleaning your garbage disposal. You could buy commercial garbage disposal cleaners and dump them down the drain. Or you could use a cup of ice cubes and run the garbage disposal to clean the blades. To give your sink a better smell, we recommend using some lemon juice and lemon peel.

Why is water backing up into my sink when I run the dishwasher?

  • Often there is a connection between the dishwasher and the drain from the disposal. If there is food left behind in the disposal it can clog that connection to the main drain and therefore the water backs up into your sink. To prevent this, you should make sure that your disposal is free of food before running the dishwasher. Run the garbage disposal with plenty of water before turning the dishwasher on.

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